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Summer Jams

August 25th, 2011

Diversion – The Equals
Plenty for All – Hot Snakes
Waiting for an Alibi – Thin Lizzy
Kanjinncyou – Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys
Shisheler – Devil’s Anvil
Help You Ann – Lyres
K39 – The Challengers
City Slang – Sonic’s Rendezvous Band
Cheap Sunglasses – ZZ Top
Apslar – Rajaz Meter
Aunts Invasion – Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet
The Beat – Elvis Costello
Invasion of the Reverb Snatchers – The Bambi Molesters
Stay Clean – Motorhead
Freakazoids – Jacuzzi Boys
Paper Dolls – The Nerves
Take a Vacation – The Young Veins
Shut Up and Sit Down – The Sultans
Hand of Law – Radio Birdman
Crucial BBQ – Murphy’s Law

Tough Shit

August 8th, 2011

The House of Feasting – Agoraphobic Nosebleed
March of the Fire Ants – Mastodon
Dark Horse – Converge
Lines Across Eyes – Isis
Nymphetamine Fix – Cradle of Filth
The Doorway – Neurosis
10’s – Pantera
Jerk Off – Tool
Hyperviolet – Pig Destroyer
Unknown Awareness – Kylesa
Territory – Sepultura
Heartwork – Carcass
Tyrants – Immortal
Liquored Up and Laid – Botch

I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday

July 21st, 2011

The Fear – Travis
Cosmic Dancer – T Rex
The Fairest of the Seasons – Nico
Take Me With You – Morphine
Cast No Shadow – Oasis
Alison – Elvis Costello
Long Division – Fugazi
Unlisted – Hot Snakes
The Fool – Neutral Milk Hotel
The Sorrowful Wife – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Circle of Friends – Better Than Ezra
Sad Songs and Waltzes – Cake
Between the Bars – Elliot Smith
That Lucky Old Sun – Louis Armstrong
Exitlude – The Killers
Intermission – Scissor Sisters
Life Stinks – Pere Ubu
I’d Love to Change the World – Ten Years After

Millionaire Duck

April 12th, 2011

Black Betty – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Scentless Apprentice – Nirvana
A Winner Every Time – Oxbow
You Need Satan More Than He Needs You – Future of the Left
Stupid White Men, Part 1
Between the Bars – Madeleine Peyroux
Avril 14th – Aphex Twin
Afgamistam – Botch
Lawyers Guns and Money – Warren Zevon
Bad Boner – Beehive and the Barracudas
Tinicue – Tito Puente & Celia Cruz
Welfare Bread – King Khan and the Shrines
Stupid White Men, Part 2
She Dreamt She was a Bulldozer, She Dreamt She was Alone in an Empty Field – Godspeed You Black Emperor
Church With No Name – Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
The Vowels Pt. 2 – Why?
Sombre Reptiles – Brian Eno
Misery – Kendra Morris

The Circus Comes to Town at Night

February 7th, 2011

The Shining Path – Sun City Girls
I Want You Back Again – The Zombies
Distilled – Blonde Redhead
Cowboy Dan – Modest Mouse
Number 5 – Fugazi
Trapped in a Basement – Black Lips
Puppeting – Michael Yonkers Band
The Crystal Cat – Dan Deacon
Destiny N Lightning – Cobra High
Game of Pricks – Guided by Voices
Big Day Coming – Yo La Tengo
Druganaut – Black Mountain
Smooth it Out – Black Diamond Heavies
The Promenade – Roy
Yes Men – Dan Sartain
Send Them – Latyrx
Calistan – Frank Black
Heart of Mine – The Young Veins
Shift in Orbit – Billions and Billions

That Guy From The Thing With The Retarded Turtles

December 24th, 2010

… And Then – Grieving the Days to Come
What’s Gone Wrong – Limp Wrist
The Furnace – Disfear
R.I.P. – Cursed
Thunder Appeal – Harkonen
The Red Trail – Cave In
The Sovereign State – The Holy Mountain
Harvest of Maturity – Coalesce
Beginning of the End – Tragedy
Power and Greed – Wolfpack
The Littlest Scoundrel – Swarming Hordes
Forlani – Burnt By the Sun
No More Dreams – Damnation A.D.
Crooked – Today is the Day
Dry Hand – Unpersons
Switch is Down – Universal Order of Armageddon
Systems Overload – Integrity
Nailgun – Engine Kid
Mandatory Suicide – Slayer


December 1st, 2010

Images: The City – The Bad Habits
Foolish Baby – The Briks
Starvation – Golden Dawn
I’ve Got to Love Her – The Shan Dells
Respectable – Skip and the Creations
They Prefer Blondes – The Banshees
Hiding from Myself – Paul and the Pack
I’ll Be Back – Phoenix
Tribal Fence – Freedom’s Children
Almost Cut My Hair – Harvest
Leave This Man Alone – The Moody Blues
I Love Lovin’ You – Stan Gorman and the Revolvers
Ne me marchez pas sur les pieds – Michel Polnareff
Conscientious Objector – Keith Everett
Dirty Old Man – The Fugs
I’m Through With You – Mark V
Not That Kind of Guy – Glory Rhodes
Let’s Take a Walk in the Woods – Morning Sun
Summertime – Sam Cooke
I Tried With You – The Regents
Somebody, Somewhere Needs you – The Mid Knights
Man on the Bridge – The Myddle Class
Summer’s Over – The Pentagons

Get Fucked

October 29th, 2010

No Changes – Sonny Vincent
I’m Out of Control – The Cute Lepers
Still Waiting – The Marked Men
Rumours in Town – The Exploding Hearts
We’re Going Down – The Night Marchers
I Don’t Want Solidarity if it Means Holding Hands with You – Defiance, Ohio
Without Love – Propagandhi
This Mystic Decade – Hot Snakes
Tick Tock – Celibate Rifles
I’m Your Man – Richard Hell and the Voidoids
This Time – Wipers
Hometown Slut – The Hookers
Proud to be DFL – DFL
Hope – Descendents
Dreaming – Leatherface
Whips and Furs – The Vibrators
No Your Product – The Saints
Good Guys (Don’t Wear White) – Minor Threat
Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues – Mclusky
Stay With Me – The Dictators
Depression – Black Flag (w/Keith Morris)
Pumped Up – Sir Lord Baltimore
What Love Is – The Dead Boys
I Wanna Know – Rocket from the Crypt
Perfect Government – NOFX
Zulu – Blink 182

I Don’t Like Jail, They Got the Wrong Kind of Bars in There

July 27th, 2010

Janine – Soul Coughing
Bidin’ My Time – Black Diamond Heavies
Candy – Morphine
Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself – Morrissey
Angeles – Elliot Smith
Divine Hammer – The Breeders
I’ve Been Riding With the Ghost – Songs: Ohia
Breathless – Cat Power
When the Sun Hits – Slowdive
New York I Love You – LCD Soundsystem
Soho – Bert Jansch & John Renbourn
Wave a White Flag – Elvis Costello
The Kindness of Strangers – Nick Cave
Gardenia – Stephen Malkmus
Carmelita – Warren Zevon
It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Bob Dylan
Goodbye – The Maldives
4th of July – Soundgarden

Shut Up, Ghost!

July 11th, 2010

(image courtesy of NeilofSteel)

Roundabout – Yes
Avalanche – Leonard Cohen
Mrs. Vanderbilt – Paul McCartney and Wings
The War Lord – The Shadows
Victoria – The Kinks
Alabama – Neil Young
Starglow Energy – Captain Beyond
The Smile – David Axelrod
The New Age of Lily – Joe Cocker
Some Velvet Morning – Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
The Cask Of Amontillado – The Alan Parsons Project
Inside Looking Out – The Animals
You Keep Me Hanging On – Vanilla Fudge
Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You – Bob Dylan
Cosmic Dancer – T Rex
A House is Not a Motel – Love
Levitation – 13th Floor Elevators
Bedlam – The Challengers
Look Back in Anger – Television Personalities