Bellingham Can Suck It


The Leaves Have Left Us – Library Tapes
Folkways Orange – Hrsta
For Wanda – A Silver Mt Zion
Welcome – Denali
We Say Goodbye to Ourselves – Eluvium
Building My Own Coffin – The Burning Paris
Frida Kahlo – Rachels
My Donal – Amalgamated Sons of Rest
Dog Years – Aughra & Mosh Patrol
When Sorrow Shoots Her Darts – Set Fire To Flames
Blessed Are We Who Seem to be Losers – Hrsta
Let’s Go Walking – Ida
Why She Swallows Bullets and Stones – Esmerine
Coutances – Dick Annegarn
Lord I Hate Your Day – Grails
Swan Street – 3

(This mixtape submitted by Dan)

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