Pushead Mixtape



67 blood splattering dick piercing hits! If you wanted blood stab your friendly gardener! …

The great lost ex nitro explosion of brain blistering sonic attacks for total mass annihilation beyond human cranium combustion or the fucking gnarliest sampler ever made ..

[Side A]
Strike Under – Fucking Uniforms
Necros – IQ72
Necros – Youth Camp
Minor Threat – Bottled Violence
Insane – Politics
Descendents – Global Probing
Social Unrest – Making Room For Youth
Social Unrest – Join The People
Discharge – It’s No T.V. Sketch
Youth Patrol – America’s Power
Abrasive Wheels – Vicious Circle
Black Flag – Clocked In
GBH – Freak
Effigies – Guns or Ballots
Subhumans – Drugs of Youth
Fartz – Campaign Speech
Youth Brigade – Full Speed Ahead
Disorder – Daily Life
Teen Idles – Sneakers
Meat Puppets – Foreign Laws
Government Issue – Religious Ripoff
Partisans – Police Story
Bad Religion – Slaves
The Fix – No Idols
Varukers – No Scapegoat
Secret Hate – New Routine
Secret Hate – Suicide
Minor Threat – Guilty of Being White
Political Crap – Slow Death
Necros – Peer Pressure
Necros – Race Riot
Necros War Game
Discharge – Ain’t No Feeble Bastard
Descendents – I Like Food
Descendents – Weinerstinzel
Law and Order – Critic’s Choice

[Side B]
Black Flag – Machine
Black Flag – Life of Pain
Funeral – Politicians Are Sick
Varukers – Protest and Survive
Circle One – Destroy Exxon
Toxic Reasons – Riot Squad
Society Dog – The Baby is Dead
Blitz – 45 Revolutions
GBH – No Survivors
Fartz – You’ve Got A Brain
Subhumans – Society
Subhumans – Who’s Gonna Fight
SOA – Lost in Space
Distortion – Action Man
Stains – Sick And Crazy
Disorder – Complete Disorder
Effigies – Strong Box
Circle One – Fuck Off
Civil Disobedience – Campaign Promises
Insane – Dead and Gone
Necros – Bad Dream
Necros – Past Comes Back to Haunt Me
Necros – Reject
Fartz – Con Game
Meatmen – Meatmen Stomp
Kraut – Last Chance
Negative Approach – Lost Cause
Varukers – Never Again
Minor Threat – Filler
Law and Order – Power
McDonald’s – Miniature Golf

—Play loud, so you don’t hear the sirens, don’t hear the horns, don’t hear the people, don’t hear the world and eye.

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