This Hearse Was Built To Race

Blind – Acme
Pinball Map – In Flames
Dracula With Glasses – Burnt By The Sun
Fiery Father – Disfear
Sick Day – Kiss It Goodbye
Eagles Become Vultures – Converge
Lies Like Knives – Engine Kid
O Fortuna – Botch
Jagged Visions of My True Destiny – Integrity
Beginning of the End – Tragedy
Shithead – The Haunted
Bring on the Young – Strapping Young Lad
Poison Eggs – Isis
… And We Burn – His Hero is Gone
Duststorms – Fighting Dogs
Like Cattle – Nasum
The Void – Cursed
The Black Dahlia – Lamb of God
The Term: In Connection – The JR Ewing
Filler/I Don’t Want to Hear It – Slayer

2 Responses to “This Hearse Was Built To Race”

  1. Carey Leigh says:

    Holy cow! I recently made a mixed tape with a bunch of the exact same songs and bands! Sssswweeettt!

  2. Sanford says:

    hard ass mix, great lead-off track. also, best BBTS track right there, too. i’m moshin’.

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