That Guy From The Thing With The Retarded Turtles

… And Then – Grieving the Days to Come
What’s Gone Wrong – Limp Wrist
The Furnace – Disfear
R.I.P. – Cursed
Thunder Appeal – Harkonen
The Red Trail – Cave In
The Sovereign State – The Holy Mountain
Harvest of Maturity – Coalesce
Beginning of the End – Tragedy
Power and Greed – Wolfpack
The Littlest Scoundrel – Swarming Hordes
Forlani – Burnt By the Sun
No More Dreams – Damnation A.D.
Crooked – Today is the Day
Dry Hand – Unpersons
Switch is Down – Universal Order of Armageddon
Systems Overload – Integrity
Nailgun – Engine Kid
Mandatory Suicide – Slayer

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