Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I subscribe to the Podcast?

It’s easy!

1) Click on the big “subscribe to the podcast” link.

2) You should be presented with a page that has something like this at the top:

(if you’re using IE, I have no idea what you’ll get. IE sucks dicks. Download Firefox.

3) Select “Choose Application” from the dropdown:

4) You should now get a dialogue box where you can browse to your music listening application of choice. Choose iTunes or Winamp or whatever player you want that supports podcasts.

5) Rage.

But what if I’m difficult and want to do it some other way?

1) Copy this link:

2) In iTunes go to the “Advanced” menu at the top of the screen and select “Subscribe to Podcast”

3) Paste this link:

4) Press “Ok”

5) Rage.

Why do the podcasts take so long to load in iTunes?

They’re big. That’s why.

All of these podcasts are mp3s encoded at 320kbps, and they’re all about an hour to an hour and a half long. Do the math. The mp3s are around 125k each, give or take.

Rest assured that the podcasts are not timing out. They’re just big files that take some time to completely download. When you’re streaming them on the site you don’t have to wait for the whole file to download before you start listening. When you listen to the podcast in iTunes you have to download the whole thing before it plays. That’s the issue.

What the hell is this site? Why is it here? Who runs it?

It’s just a personal website. It’s been here since 2002. It’s been a blog and a news aggregator and bunch of other things. Right now it’s a podcast.

It’s here just because.

I run it. 😉

There are a bunch of blog posts in the archive. I’ve conveniently disabled the links to them though. There was one point when a whole bunch of people posted on here, but the author attributions got lost at some point, so now there’s no good way to tell who wrote what. It’s weird.